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3D printing

3D printing - 3D scanning 3D printing reduces production costs and saves time when introducing new products


Graphic visual processed according to the client's needs, banner 200m2 placed by the anchoring system in the building can provide quality advertising space to support sales. from graphic design, banner printing to projection and the actual assembly of the banner on the building.

Miri Media - advertising agency:

Marketing is our hobby and since the beginning of our business we have focused on the promotion and strategic marketing of business entities in Slovakia but also the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany. We offer comprehensive advertising and promotional services ... from graphics, web design, logo creation, identity on the Internet and the commercial market.

Our offer: advertising items, illuminated advertising, 3D letters - Logos carved from wood-plastic-styrofoam, stickers, stickers for shop windows, advertising stickers for vehicles, billboards and signs, printing and production of banners together with assembly, printing and embroidery of textiles, advertising textiles , promo video, creation of web pages and e-shops exactly tailored to the client's needs, seo check, advertising campaigns from the creation of a marketing communication plan, through the preparation of advertising campaigns, positioning and evaluation of the effectiveness of Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Our company offers a professional approach to customers and we can help with sales support of the client's company portfolio. If you are looking for an advertising agency with quality services and a professional approach, you are at the right web address.

In the gallery section you will find the possibility of inspiration of visibility with the help of some already implemented projects in the past. 

The offer of an individual marketing plan is a matter of course.

Our branch is located in the center of Žilina - House of Trade Unions Block - B, ground floor. You can order via the contact form or by phone and then in our branch, or at your company over coffee, we will agree exactly on the next steps of sales support .... Your Miri Media team. 

Be one step back

The speed of evolution is picking up speed and the power of consumption to customize the design dominates all industries and we are here to bring back quality.

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